cannot wait to start rehearsals for this #reservoirdogs #teenagecancertrust

cannot wait to start rehearsals for this #reservoirdogs #teenagecancertrust

ma bro

ma bro

Carry on, My Wayward Son: Anchors.


Everyone has an anchor.
At some point in your life, things become too fucked up.
You pass your tipping point, and in desperation, you reach out —
— and take hold of something. Anything.
Something that you can connect to. That you can understand. Relate with.
For some, it’s food. Or gaming. Or…

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Cobus Potgieter?

So about a week ago, I was lucky enough to get given the chance to appear in a Google Hangout live with a certain drummer, Cobus. First off, he is a totally rad and down to earth dude. Due to all five of us involved are spread across the globe; Canada, England, France, Norway and El Salvador, finding a time where we can all ‘hang out’ at the same time was a HUGE pain! After 80 emails, and two days of planning, we all decided we would go live 12pm (midnight) GMT. 

Originally, the hangout was supposed to last twenty-thirty minutes. It eventually lasted one hour and twenty minutes. Although the hangout aired during a storm in El Salvador, and ended in the early hours of the morning for some, it was a great success! 

Getting to chat to Cobus on a level I would talk to a friend was really surreal, but amazing. The dude is great and has started an fantastic project, bringing people across the world to California to make an album. I am very proud to say I am apart of this. Although the project funded in three days on kickstarter. Reaching it’s goal of $35,000, the funding is still going ahead so Cobus has more money to reach out to international musicians, and give them a fantastic experience! If you wish to learn more about the project, go here:

The whole evening (morning) was a success and I met some great people. Talking to the drummer who inspired you to drum in the first place was incredible, and a lot of fun. Cobus made everyone feel comfortable and made the experience that bit better. 

If you want to watch the hangout, here it is:

Now to catch up on sleep!